Man Returns From Southeast Asia With Worst Case Of Super Gonorrhea Ever Seen

Photo: tzahiV (Getty Images)

You know what can really break a couple apart? Knowing that one of them has not only cheated, but has now gotten an STD. And that’s exactly what happened in the UK recently after a woman learned her man had brought home quite the STD — in fact, the worst ever seen.

According to Forbes, a bizarre case from Public Health England has described some of the details about a super gonorrhea that is completely resistant to any antibiotics. The unidentified man who got it cheated on his lady while on a trip in Southeast Asia. A swab of the man’s throat turned up bacteria, which led doctors to believe that oral sex may have been to blame for transmission of the disease.


The bacteria turned out to be resistant to the standard antibiotics for gonorrhea, azithromycin and ceftriaxone, and was susceptible only to spectinomycin.

As the report indicated, this is the first reported case in the world of N. gonorrhea which has both high-level resistance to azithromycin and resistance to ceftriaxone. So, in a way, you can say that this man has the world’s worst case of super gonorrhea, which is a term used by James Gallagher for the BBC News.

Inappropriate antibiotic use and unprotected sex (including unprotected oral sex) are likely contributing to the rapid spread of this bacteria otherwise known as the clap. And here’s another thing that doesn’t deserve a slow clap. Without enough new antibiotics being developed, we may run out of weapons against this superbug in the not too distant future.

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No word yet on how this guy’s gal took the news, but something tells me she set fire to a lot of his belongings. As far how to prevent getting super gonorrhea yourself? Just be aware of who you’re hooking up with, use protection and stay away from Kid Rock.