Customizer Brings a Cartoon Lamborghini Aventador to Reality


As if driving a Lamborghini Aventador wasn’t dreamy enough, now you can get inside of one that looks like its straight out of a cartoon world. A Malaysian customizing company Dreams Factory Automotive put out a version of one of the most popular supercars with a full hologram wrap. The cartoon Lamborghini Aventador also has the 3m Tron reflective liner, which stresses out the car’s angled surfaces, making for a unique sight.

To make the car completely look like something a hero from a manga cartoon might drive, the cartoon Lambo has orange double-V-spoke custom 21″ wheels.

If all of that isn’t enough to impress you, not that the car was also tuned by the German company NOVITEC, further enhancing the Aventador’s already-impressive stats. Most notably, the car went from 690 horsepowers to 718 horsepowers.

Hologram wrap Lamborghini Aventdador
Custom Lamborghini Aventador
h/t Carscoops

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