Big Baller Brand Apparel Line Classified as “Poor” by Better Business Bureau

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs in the sporting world, the basketball scene saw a new entrant in the highly competitive sporting wear line with LaVar Ball’s “Big Baller Brand,” which debuted last year. The highly controversial father figure of L.A. Lakers player Lonzo Ball hasn’t been shy hyping his company’s $695 kicks, and talking smack about the competition.

However, it seems not everyone is a fan of the Ball family or the company’s products. One entity that’s not a fan? The original “BBB” — as in, the Better Business Bureau! The Better Business Bureau gave the Big Baller Brand apparel an “F” rating, which is the lowest grade possible. If you’re wondering why, it’s mostly due to the boatload of negative reviews the Big Baller company has gotten because of late deliveries, having a fake phone number on their (Baller) website, and lots more. Check out some of the negative reviews below.

You can read pages more of these reviews here.

In addition to the bad reviews, the BBB has reached out to the Big Baller company at least twice to help resolve the issues it’s currently facing, but so far, no one has called back.

Whether you’re a fan of Lonzo Ball, or even his dad, you might want to think twice before ordering from the company.

Source: TMZ