12 Stoner Strain Names That Will Have You On ‘Laughing Grass’ In 2018

Photo: Screen Media Films

Thanks to the legalization of recreational weed in several states, especially the largest one yet, California, we’ve got lots to celebrate, like how funny and clever these stoner strain names are.

In a funny turn of events, other states, like New York, are trying to join the recreational marijuana states in rebuttal to Attorney General and major asshole, Jeff Sessions, and his war on legalized weed. With the start of the new year, we’re seeing other states introduce a lighter stance on smoking dope, so long as you’re not hitting it near a school full of kids or ripping one while driving. Otherwise, get sticky with the icky.

Join us as we honor 12 clever strain names in celebration of the legalization sprawling for stoners everywhere. But seriously, CBD and the use of other flowers and forms of marijuana have been known to have many great benefits to humans, besides getting you high, even people who don’t use.

12 Stoner Strain Names That Will Have You On ‘Laughing Grass’ In 2018

But tread carefully, since Jeff Sessions says it’s only “slightly less awful than heroin.”

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