Tips On How To Wear a Tie Clip

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We often talk about accessorizing in our fashion section mostly as it is often overlooked in men’s fashion, and it’s nowhere more important than in suit-wearing. The most often reason guys don’t accessorize is that they are unsure of how to do it properly, especially about little, specialized things like how to wear a tie clip. And as all men who understand fashion – it’s the little things that make the most difference.

It’s for that reason that we wanted to make this little guide on how to wear a tie clip, but first, a word or two about should you and why wear a tie clip.

Should You Wear A Tie Clip?

Like we said time and time again, it’s the small details like this one that separates the guys who look like they rented a suit for their prom from the stylish men that know how to maximize their look. Why some men look like Conor McGregor in their suits, while other look like schmucks. The other detail that shouldn’t be forgotten is definitely the pocket square. It’s also an easily removable piece of fashion, and if you want to get loose later during a particular event, you can just remove it and let your tie fly.

While the majority of people have recognized the importance of accessorizing, not so many guys have caught on the tie clip. If you will, it’s the final stage of accessorizing for suits, the top level. So if you value how you look in a suit you should definitely have some tie clips around the house. But what kind though?

What Kind of Tie Clip?

First, you need the correct type of tie clip as not all are created equal. The most important rule here is to go simple. You don’t want the clunky, overly detailed, almost cartoonish tie clips that are being made for whatever reason. Simple, clear is the way to go. A subtle engraved on the tie clip should be the only type of customization, besides the color of course. But in most cases, the color shouldn’t be too crazy too. Silver is always acceptable, gold sometimes.

Second most important tie clip tip is to never use a clip that is as wide as your tie. That way it will look like someone cut the tie up in two pieces, and the whole thing about ties and suits, in general, is to look like a well-thought off whole. Use either a 3/4 clip or a notch clip. This allows for the tie to have the color or color pattern consistency more than when it completely interrupted.

How To Wear A Tie Clip?

The purpose of the tie clip is not to fix the two ends of the tie together, it’s to connect your tie with your shirt so it won’t go all over the place. This is the most common mistake when it comes to the question of how to wear a tie clip.

But the first most common question regarding how to wear a tie a clip is actually where to put the tie clip. Since now you know that it should be attached to your shirt as well, the answer is between the third and fourth button of your dress shirt. Just slide it in there and you will be all set.

Now you have the all necessary know-how on how to wear a tie clip and can look like the sharp-dressed men you want to be. Do you have some additional tips on the subject?

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