The Top Ten Best Date Ideas

Photo: Groomee(Getty Images)

The company is surely what matters the most when going on a date, but doing the usual dinner, drinks, and movies trio can be boresome if you’re in a long relationship, or if you’re actively dating. These best date ideas work for happy couples, and those wanting to become them equally.

Google will be your main helper here, just choose the option you like the most and that your significant other will enjoy the most and then type in your city. For example “Horseback riding in New York“, and even in this urban, concrete jungle you’ll find options.

Best Date Ideas

Boat Ride

Cities are built on rivers, lakes, or seas, so the chances are the same applies for your city. And if there is a body of water near where you live, there most likely is a boat tour as people know it is one of the best date ideas. If there aren’t any organized tours, even better, go down to the pier and ask around for someone who would be living to give you and your partner an unforgettable night for a price that surely will be worth it. It will show the extra effort you put in.

Horseback Riding

One of the best first date ideas as every woman wants to find her prince charming, and there isn’t a prince without a horse. Almost every woman will appreciate the thought as truly most of them fantasized about having a pony when they were little girls. If you’re dating a goth chick, just find a black horse. Try to find an option where you can ride horses in nature, and not around the track, but that will do too, although it’s not the better option.

A Hike

Use your friend Google and search around for places around your way where people go on hiking and you’ll be surprised at how many of them are there. Not only is a hike something that isn’t on the mind of the majority of people, so you’ll be surprising your partner, but it is really hard not to like. You get in touch with nature, you get physical and endorphins, you can enjoy nice scenery, and it can become a reoccuring activity. Since you’ll be going somewhere where there are few people, maybe reserve this for someone you know, or at least for the third date.

Visit a Museum

Even the smallest towns have museums of some kind, and they are usually overlooked by many, so they can give you privacy while satisfying your interests. It’s a perfect option for those stressing about what to talk about on a date, as just “that’s amazing” and “look at this” will kill the awkward silences. But you’ll definitely have more to talk about then that. Galeries are related option which can offer the same conveniences.

Rock Climbing

Being active is underrated when thinking about dates, but you’ll actually want to keep the activity safe and simultaneously exciting. Everybody flocks around rock climbing set-ups on every field trip because everyone finds them interesting. And every major city has an establishment that offers training and various rock climbing challenges, so Google! It’s a nice way to stay competative and involve a little zest into a date without seeing to scheming.