Clever Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number

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Most guys freeze when thinking about how to ask a girl for her number, as they understand you can’t be bland about it since girls get that question all the time. A man needs to separate himself from the herd of other guys in every possible way, and that includes asking a girl for her number. These tips and mind frames will help you make the contact list on your phone a lot longer.

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

Old Trick

This is the oldest trick in the playbook, but it stood the test of time because it works. It is reserved for daytime approaches, it can even be done on the street. Approach a girl and tell her that you lost your phone, so ask if she could give you hers to try and see has someone picked it up or if it’s laying somewhere near. Call your number, and when it starts ringing in your pocket just say something along the lines of “Yeah, that’s all I needed, talk to you soon” and leave. Playful tone is key here. You can follow up this move easily with a text about how you need to thank her for helping you.

Don’t Ask

Another clever way to ask a girl for a number is actually not to ask, but to imply it. If you’re talking for a while or making vague plans about doing something together, or even just mentioning things either of you likes doing, just bring out your phone with the number pad up and give it to her. If it isn’t her first day on Earth she’ll know what to do.

Mind Tricks

The most clever ways of how to ask a girl for a number are the most subtle ways. Instead of asking a girl to give you her number, suggest that you two should “swap numbers”. The first way suggest that she has a higher value than you and that she’s doing you a favor. The other one implies that you two are a unit of some kind and that the act is mutually beneficial.

Cheesy/Direct Road

If you like pick up lines and don’t shy away from cheesy one-liners you can try the most direct way possible, and some girls like that. Test the sentence “There’s something wrong with my phone, your number isn’t in it”. It’s a simple formula, one that you can always use when your mind goes blank and you don’t lose anything by giving it a shot. At least, it can work on girls working in mobile providers stores.

Make Her Ask

Most people want to help others, even hot girls, so if you have a rapport with a woman, try working into the conversation a favor she could do for you and that she can send it to you digitally. If she talks about an article she read, about a video she saw, anything really, just flip it around and tell her to send it to you. Don’t specify how. In most cases, she will ask you for your number.

College Move

If you’re at a college lecture and you’re getting bored while taking lectures and the girl you like is sitting next to you, there is a neat tip on how to ask for her phone number. Start a game of Pictionary, basically drawing something that she must guess by writing it down on the notebook. Don’t do easy things like an object or an animal, rather write up a phrase like “A little bird told me” or similar. After a couple of normal guesses, draw a girl giving a guy a phone number.

Some of these tips you might consider contradictive to one another, and they may be, but that doesn’t mean one is wrong. Since there isn’t just one type of girl, your on-field analysis will determine which way to use with a particular girl.

Do you have any tips on how to ask a girl for her number?

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