The Best Skateboard Collaboration This Year

The Simpsons, arguably one of the most popular shows ever on television, has a new outlet for collector items. The cast of the show has lent their likeness to our favorite skateboard brand, Penny Skateboards. Characters of the show appear across seven unique different cruiser boards.

The complete decks (they come with trucks and wheels) are available in two different sizes, 22″ and 27″. Bart appears on two iterations.. a 22″ white with white wheels model, as well as a 27″ blue variation, with the Bart Simpson wind-up doll cartoon. If the star of the show isn’t your scene, younger sister Maggie also has her own mock up, but outside that, it’s the colorful characters that are the supporting cast that get the focus. Itchy & Scratchy, Otto, Ralph and even Mr. Burns get their time to shine.

Since you need something to wear as you cruise down the boardwalk or to the coffee shop, we found some fitting accessories and sneakers to complete the look. Boards run between $12o-$130, and all are available at Penny Skateboards.