Everyone Is Trying To Figure Out How Many Triangles Are In This Picture

Photo: Claudia Burlot (Getty)

You lovely folks don’t have to think much when you visit Mandatory — it’s all about laughs and gals. But once in a while we come across a head-scratcher that we think would be fun to share with you all. That’s why we challenged you all to find the venomous snake in this photo. Any why we challenged you to find the 12 hidden British photos in this photo. And now we have another challenge for you if you’re up for it.

Quora user Kumar Ankit recently shared the picture below with the simple question: “How many triangles are in this picture?” Take a look at the picture below.

Well here’s the answer:

There are 24 triangles in that picture. (25 if you count the one in the signature.) Another user on Quora, Martin Silvertant, laid it all out so you folks can see.

Illustration: Quora/Martin Silvertant

Makes sense, right? Right? Well, that was a nice way to kickstart your brain again. Now it’s time to head back to laughs and gals.

h/t Daily Mail

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