Jake Paul Proves the Internet Was a Mistake in Cringeworthy News Interview

Jake Paul is one of the most famous people you’ve probably never heard of. With over 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube, the former Vine star is what PR folks like to call a “social media influencer,” and he earns an estimated $1 million a month for his various internet exploits. However, making a successful career out of being obnoxious online has led to Jake Paul now being noticed in the real world, and the reaction to him outside of his young fan base (known as “Jake Paulers”) is decidedly not as positive.

LA news station KTLA 5 News turned up to Jake Paul’s home, where he also conducts his business with his ‘Turn 10’ friends/employees, in order to question him regarding a series of complaints made by his neighbors. According to the news station families in the neighborhood have not been too impressed with Paul’s anti-social behavior, which has included throwing furniture into an abandoned pool and setting it alight until it became a fire hazard, letting his address be known to his followers leading to swathes of young girls filling their street, and generally behaving like a 20-year-old who still dabs and bellows “what are thoooooose?” in the year 2017 despite apparently being at the forefront of social media. Kid, I am old as shit compared to you and even I know that “what are thoooooooose?” belongs in 2015.

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Needless to say, his KTLA interview didn’t go down too well. Featuring the “influencer” awkwardly clambering atop the station’s news van only to, err, climb back down after realizing that he couldn’t conduct his interview atop a vehicle, igniting a chorus of cheers from his assembled leeches after shouting “what are thoooooose?” at the presenter’s shoes, and running around with the station’s camera in an act of lazy rebellion.

The end result is an interview that’s difficult to watch, and stands as further proof that the internet was a mistake:

Unfortunately, Jake Paul’s popularity shows no signs of slowing in the immediate future, with him having at least another year left until his fan base reaches that moment of clarity that accompanies all ridiculous online trends. Destined to eventually be known as that guy people are embarrassed that they used to watch on YouTube, he is currently milking his fame for what it’s worth, with him somehow still being employed by Disney for its comedy series Bizaardvark and even releasing his own rap single, ‘It’s Everyday Bro,’ which disregards any semblance of rhythm to the point where it could legally be classified as negligence.