Should I Shave My Head?

Photo: anouchka (Getty Images)

This morning you took a long look at your reflection in the bathroom mirror and realized that your hair isn’t what it used to be. With a tear in your eye, you remember those adolescent days when your long dark hair would flutter in the wind like an erratic swallow and ask yourself what happened. Nowadays, your hair is so thin that it’s basically transparent. You haven’t used a comb in ages. So, in an effort to save at least some male dignity, you ask yourself – should I shave my head? Well, we’re here to guide you through the process and help you decide whether you want to do it or not.

Benefits of Shaving Your Head

Let’s first talk about the benefits of shaving your head. First off, it saves time in the long run. After you shave your head clean, washing and drying become much easier. You simply pat dry with a towel and immediately get that perfect bald hairdo every time. Besides that, many people say that shaving their head made them seem much younger in the eyes of other people, both male and female. So, if you have a couple of decades behind you already, this might be a natural and inexpensive way to rejuvenate yourself. Among other things, shaving is also good for your head because it cools it and keeps it cleaner. The hair on your head can protect you from cold, but it also traps all the impurities and prevents your skin from breathing properly. A shaved head is always much more comfortable than thick hair regardless of the time of the year.

Should I Shave My Head?

Now that we’ve gone through some of the benefits (yes, there are more), it’s time we assess the situation for you. Admittedly, not everyone should shave their head. A minority of people have a somewhat strange shape of the head that hair usually covers so it doesn’t look too out of ordinary. Like we mentioned though, this is just a minority of people. Before deciding to shave all that remained of your hair off, you should visit your hairdresser and ask him for advice. He will be able to objectively look at your head and determine the shape. You could also find a decent photoshop artist to give you some idea of what it would look like. Sure, shaving isn’t irreversible. If you change your mind, your hair will grow back after a while. However, you’ll still have to live with that hairdo for a period of time, so you might as well be sure you want it. Finally, remember not to think about what other people would say, cause it really doesn’t matter. This is all about you.

How to Do It?

So, you’ve finally decided to go through with it. Now, you need to find out how. Your best option is to first grab a couple of reliable scissors and trim your hair down to the minimum. Not only will the shaving be much easier, but you also remove the hair gradually so you can stop if you change your mind along the way. It is best that you do this under or after a shower. Your hairs will be much softer and easier to trim. After you’ve done it, you can turn to the razor of your choice. Try to find the one with as many blades as possible to ensure a safe and thorough shave. Also, remember to always shave with the grain. It prevents irritation and minimizes the risk of cutting yourself. If you’re doing it under a shower, you might not need a shaving foam, but you’ll certainly need some cream afterward to prevent the feeling of tightness and to keep your skin healthy.

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