Spotlight | Get Fit Fast in Ten Thousand

One would hope that the folks making your fitness gear actually care about fitness. But in a world of mass produced, efficiency-driven production, it is not an assumption we can safely make. Keith Nowak, co-founder of Ten Thousand, had the perfect background to launch a groundbreaking brand: a passion for fitness, and a history in venture capitalism. With that skill-set he set out to rattle an industry filled with heavy-hitters that have been around for decades.

Select items from Ten Thousand are only released in limited quantities. That doesn’t make the pieces collector items, but instead gives the brand the ability to innovate quickly and release what athletes need. Right now, the 17-001 is available in what the brand calls a Field Test. You buy the shirt, wear it, use it and abuse it as much as possible, and then convey your opinions back to the source. Insights from all the owners are collected, analyzed, released to the public and inform future iterations.

All of the gear is designed with the fitness-minded at the forefront. Designs are simple and clean, but feature tech in the details, like micro-ventilation and anti-odor treatments, and everything is made in the USA.

All images courtesy of Ten Thousand. 


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