Gift Ideas For Men That They Will Actually Like

Photo: Eric Audras(Getty Images)

No matter how loving or caring you are everybody runs out of awesome gift ideas for men, but not us, our years of experience of being disappointed have made us experts in the field of what men want to unpack for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. And women are especially bad at giving something to men, hopefully, not on purpose. Therefore we decided to make a guide from men to women on how to make their significant others, brothers, friends, and fathers happy with gifts.

Visual Art

Chances are your man is really into something, a TV show, a movie franchise, a comic book, a sports team, an era of history, anything really. And seeing how big of a place internet is you will surely find some form of visual art for that specific thing that you can give him. A Game of Thrones painting, a Houston Rockets poster, a Warcraft drawing, a samurai Displate – the options are limitless and you can easily find a gift that is personalized for your man.


Gifts for him don’t need to be different from gifts for her, at least not at its core, so a book will never go out of fashion. So, you can follow the same pattern as for searching for visual arts and find awesome books about the topics the man in your life is interested in. Books about books are especially interesting as they usually come with visual representations of characters and events. Books last long and are therefore one of the best birthday gifts for men, just make sure to choose a manly book.

Socks and Underwear

Here’s a big secret that we perhaps shouldn’t give away – around 90% of guys have never bought socks or underwear for themselves. Even long after they’ve been living alone new socks appear in men’s lives only when their mother visits them. This is particularly true for socks, as some guys buy that one pair of “good, sex underwear” for when they expect to get lucky. Yet, there is always a need for them, even if you’re wondering what are the gifts for men who have everything.

Workout Equipment

While this might be a touchy subject when gifted to a boyfriend or a husband who are not fit, even they might take it well and actually start working out after they see your gift laying around. The easiest and perhaps the most useful by might be the pull up bar, and definitely opt out for one that doesn’t hang on the door. Dumbells are sound second choice, push up stands and kettlebells are also possible picks. While the boxing heavy bag might be the coolest option of them all, just don’t forget the gloves.


A bathrobe is something a guy wouldn’t ever think about buying (unless he’s Hugh Hefner) but is definitely something he will truly enjoy. There is something incredibly relaxing about putting on a bathrobe when you get up in the morning and everyone should experience it at least during the weekend. Go for something with a little more quality to make your man feel like royalty while walking around in his underwear.

Analog Gaming

Every man wants his man cave, and if he can’t get it, he wants his man wall, corner, or a table, so be the one that makes that dream come true for him and get him a game of sorts. Analog one too, as the chances are he is already spending too much time looking at a screen. So think about foosball, ping pong, billiard, darts, chess, backgammon, risk, poker chip sets or other. All of these games are played with other people so expect calls to socialize.

A Graphics Card

Probably no woman thinks about computer equipment when coming up with gift ideas for men, that’s why you have come to us. You can find out which graphics card the man in your life has by following the steps in this guide. After, just pop down by the hardware store, state the card your guy has and the seller should be able to recommend you a better card so he can enjoy himself more.

Grooming kits

Unless you’re one of two women who actually like hairy backs, you’ll know the importance of grooming for men. So a grooming kit which includes a trimmer, shaver or a hair clipper is one of the best gifts for men out there. Shaving with a razor irritates the skin and takes a lot of time, so a hair trimmer or a shaver is a necessity for every man that doesn’t have them even if he doesn’t know it.

Did you like our gift ideas for men and what other things do you consider as cool gifts for guys?