This Instagram Trend Known As ‘Alien Yoga’ Will Freak You The Hell Out

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As much as you enjoy looking at hot gals in yoga pants, we don’t think you’ll feel the same about this type of yoga, and the majority of the internet will probably feel the same as you.

This new Instagram trend called Nauli, but also known as “Alien Yoga,” is sweeping Instagram, as guys and gals who are fit enough are taking a stab at it. Why? I have no idea, but it looks scary as hell. Don’t believe us? This is Nauli.

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So what is the purpose of this move? Well apparently it’s supposed to massage your internal organs. It also helps strengthen your core and it aids digestion. Chances are if I attempt this I would probably crap my pants.

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So, interested in trying this? Well, according to Yoga Journal, you first have to exhale and push your stomach out, which is something I do after eating at the buffet. Then, while holding your breath, you then have to pull your abs toward your chest. You then “isolate your abs and roll them from side to side.” If you need an ambulance, you have done something wrong.

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Now if you’ve never done this before it is recommended that you have an experienced teacher show you how to do it. In other words, learn it from YouTube.

And now to freak you out some more:

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