8 of the Easiest Jobs Ever

House Sitter

We’ve mentioned dog walking, but while that demands some amount of effort, house-sitting really doesn’t. People decide to go away on a holiday or a business trip and let you look after their house for them. Considering how houses usually don’t move or need anything, you have to agree that it is a fairly easy job.


The job consists of you just being there. It is highly unlikely that you will have to do anything at all while house sitting. You just sit there (thus the name) and do what you would normally do at home while getting paid for it. How much easier can it get?


Well, it’s not a really active job. You will become even lazier than you were before. Also, the job doesn’t last too long (usually, the owners come back after a few weeks) and you have to think about your next project.

Spa Critic

Easiest Jobs Spa Critic

Photo: puhhha (Getty Images)

Now, there’s doing nothing and then there’s doing nothing at a spa. This is probably the most relaxing job ever if you manage to get one. You basically go to a spa, try out everything they have to offer and write your reviews about the place. The thing is, however horrible a spa is, it can’t be that bad so you’re just there to make a difference between great relaxation and an OK relaxation.


It’s a spa. You get free massages, steam rooms, healing mud and anything else you can think off. Furthermore, the owners will do their best to please you as your review will draw more people or chase them away. So, you can be fairly certain that you’re getting the best service possible.


Well, you can get a lot of the good thing sometimes. Doing 5 or 6 spas during one day, for example, can be quite stressful, not just for your body, but also for your mind. Perhaps you even stop enjoying this great location because it will become your daily routine.


Do you know how to sleep? You close your eyes and sink into a sweet slumber. As easy as that. Well, there are a number of clinical studies that research sleepers and people’s sleeping habits just by observing you while you sleep. If you think that you can do that, this might be just the job for you. Unlike some people, they won’t mind if you snore quite a lot.


You get to sleep on your job, something you would be fired for anywhere else. Most of the time, the scientists won’t even affect your sleep in any way, only observe. Of course, you get paid at the end of it and you’ve also contributed to science. It is something to be proud of.


Imagine waking up casually in the morning only to see a dozen people in white coats staring at you as if you were a patient in a mental hospital. Also, if you have stage fright and can’t relax around other people, you might get insomnia and be unable to do the job.

Art Model

Another fairly lazy job is being an art model. These people go to work, sit on their chairs (usually) and let a group of strangers draw them the best way they can. By the end of it, you’ve got a paycheck and a dozen of pictures of you. The best thing is that you don’t have to be extremely good looking in any way. In fact, they tend to prefer people with somewhat more “expressive” facial features.


You get a chance to be immortalized just like Mona Lisa, only your smile will be much wider because of the salary you’ll receive.


The only, so-called, problem is that they might require you to pose nude for these artists and it might get a bit embarrassing. An entire group of people tentatively observing every detail of your privates may be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s your choice.

Elevator Operator

Easiest Jobs Elevator Operater

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Finally, this job is a bit obsolete, but you can still find it in some wealthier hotels or old buildings. Basically, the elevator operator stands in the elevator the whole time and pushes the buttons to desired floors. This is so that the people wouldn’t have to press the buttons themselves for some reason. You can’t really say it’s a difficult job, can you?


You get a salary for standing (or sitting) in an elevator and pressing the buttons people tell you to press. There isn’t much you can screw up here and, depending on the number of floors, isn’t much work.


The problem is that you might get a bit claustrophobic after a while or lose sensation in your legs. Of course, people also tend to ignore you as if you don’t actually exist, so it might be a bit weird.

There you go. These are the 8 easiest jobs you can find to finally become the responsible adult you’ve always wanted to be without putting too much effort in it.