Conor McGregor Suit Style

Photo: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

The biggest star in MMA and the UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has two uniforms, the first one is Irish-green shorts for his bloody business, and the second are his suits, for his mack business. This type of wardrobe has become Conor’s trademark, and he accuses other fighters of hijacking his style, but hey, that’s the price of being a trendsetter. The only one who can match Conor’s love of suits is Barney from How I Met Your Mother, but Conor McGregor suit style is something completely different than Barney’s more common suits. Yet Conor doesn’t go overboard with his fashion like Russell Westbrook for instance, although the lady in the picture could be reacting to his teal suit jacket.

The Notorious Irishman is as flashy with his clothing as he is inside the octagon with his fighting style, and as he is at the press conferences with his – we can freely say – comedic performances. What made McGregor’s fashion sense stand out so much is the sheer variety of the suits he rocked, and we take a small look back at them.

Conor McGregor suits

Conor McGregor suit with a vest

Photo: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

A lot of people sleep on vests as the focal point of immaculate suits, they really make that much difference and with it, anyone can go from the guy that is in a suit because he’s going to prom and the guy who just owns it like it’s his skin. McGregor compliments the blue pattern of his pants and jacket with the blue tie, but also with the colorful handkerchief and the blue flower on the lapel.

Conor McGregor suit

Photo: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

This is something that we rarely see from Conor, or rather from anyone, as he rocks the light-colored suit jacket with the black tie and handkerchief. And as unlikely as it might seem, it’s the flower lapel that makes the suit work as it would be too bland and plain without it.

Conor McGregor suit UFC194

Photo: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

Here we can see Conor opting for the bordeaux suit in order to compliment his hair color, something that a lot of guys skip – matching clothing only with other pieces of clothes, and not with their skin tone and hair color. The handkerchief is a different color in order to break up a suit which would look grandpish without it.

Conor McGregor suit strutt

Photo: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

While a lot of the Conor’s charisma comes from dressing kingly and therefore feeling like it, the fighter maximizes this effect by strutting, not walking. While that might seem pompous for a regular guy, sticking out your chest will do wonders for your look and that’s the way to avoid the most common problem young men tend to have with suits – looking like they borrow it from their dads. Walking like a conqueror is also the only way to look manly rocking a pink shirt and other details. Being muscular goes a great way to so a Conor McGregor workout is something else that should interest you.  

Conor McGregor suit fashion style

Photo: Todd Lussier/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

What you can learn from this Conor McGregor suit style is that while classics are classics for a reason, like this gray suit, they need to be broken out by details like the tie and handkerchief, and bold colors do wonders here.  

Best Conor McGregor Suit

Photo: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

The best Conor McGregor outfit is the unlikeliest, as on paper white pants with the rose red jacket and tie might seem too hard to pull off. Yet Conor looks like he’s ready for the best summer party in here while being in a fighters’ changing room. The dotted tie and the unlike socks make sure that Mr. Mac doesn’t look like a glorified waiter.

Conor McGregor suit with vertical stripes

Photo: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

And to illustrate the difference the immaculate suit can make we have this side by side of Conor in a classic suit with thin vertical lines to make him appear taller, and his opponent Eddie Alvarez wearing a dad-at-a-wedding suit.

What is your favorite Conor McGregor suit out of these we’ve lined up?