Time Is Running Out to Pick Up Your Bugatti Chiron

When Bugatti announced the creation of their latest hypercar, the $2.6 million Chiron, the automaker made it clear only 500 would be built. Regardless of popularity, this Bugatti would only grace the lives of 500 buyers (or less when you consider some well-heeled folk pick up more than one for their fleets).

Considering its price point, some might think building 500 cars was overly ambitious — leaving some unsold. They need not worry.

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One year after the world premiere of the car, Bugatti announced it’s sold half of those 500 builds. IN fact, most buyers made the purchase without a test drive as the vehicles will be bespoke built to order in many cases.



Bugatti demonstrated the use of this bespoke purchase program at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. The company showed off a Chiron produced for a buyer from Germany. The customer spent one day in the Atelier (the Bugatti production facility) in Molsheim working on his car personally.