Mobile Home 2017 | Roughing It Like A Finn At The Koti

Mobile Home 2017 is a joint venture of four Finnish cultural institutes in Paris, Berlin, the Benelux and London. The project continues until June, during which numerous roundtables, exhibits, and performances will be held at multiple partner sites across Europe. The goal is twofold: to explore and interpret different meanings of home through experiences, architecture, art, science and sociology; and secondly, to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence.

The Institut Finlandais in Paris is partaking in the cultural festivities by hosting a series of performances inside designer Linda Bergroth‘s “Koti”, a tight constellation of six timber cabins capable of baording 12 occupants a night. For 100 days (ending in May 2017), the Institut Finlandais will host sleepovers in this living installation, as well as a series of inspiring events such as concerts and talks, film screenings and pop-up restaurant nights. 

Koti combines traditional Finnish living with sensibilities of a hotel. Photo courtesy of Linda Bergroth.

Guests who sleep in the cabins awaken to simulated daylight produced by Innolux Lamps and take in a traditional Finnish breakfast. There are of a course a number of well-thought out, carefully nuanced details, like bedroom slippers and robes furnished by Lapuan Kankurit, a dining table designed by Mattila & Merz Architects, and coffee served out of pots from Kaksikko. All things that accentuate the Finnish sense of hospitality.

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The Koti boasts a communal dining experience. Photo courtesy of Linda Bergroth.

As for entertainment, the Koti was changed from boarding house to concert venue last week, when the Finnish folk-jazz-singer Aino Venna took the stage. The next opportunity for some sweet Finnish tunes will be April 4, 2017, with the arrival of Mikko Innanen, one of the most versatile voices in the current jazz and improvised music scene.