Idris Elba is Letting Women Win a Chance to Date Him

Image Credit: Omaze

Idris Elba is holding a competition in which the grand prize is win a chance to go out on a date with him, promising to let the winner “pound his yams.”

The Luther actor is partnering with W.E. Can Lead, a charity that aims to empower and educate girls in Africa, in order to set up a raffle in which participants can buy entries into a prize draw in which the prize is to go on a date with him. Entries can be purchased from $10 but rise all the way to $25,000, which includes 250,000 entries and tickets to the Dark Tower premiere along with a photo taken with Elba.

Take a look at his pitch for the competition below:

Alongside the date with Elba, organisers will also put the winner up in a 4-star hotel along with providing “the most delicious meal of your life.” Elba doesn’t exactly play it conservatively with the dirty talk in the video announcing the competition, saying: “For dessert you can have whatever you want… and I mean whatever you want.” Alongside his aforementioned declaration that the winner will be able to pound his yams, this leaves us a little concerned that the individual who wins this prize is going to go to this 4-star hotel with the expectation that they’re going to be allowed to screw Idris Elba.

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The competition has been set up by Omaze, a site which organises “once in a lifetime” experiences in order to raise money for charity. Other experiences featured on the site include an escape room adventure with Captain America actor Chris Evans and paintball with Marshawn Lynch.

You can check out Idris Elba’s campaign right here, with participants able to pay for an entry for themselves or for a friend. So if you’re not that into the idea of a date with Idris Elba, but you know someone who might be, then consider giving to a good cause in order to make their dream come true.