Pickle App Lets People Pay You to Do Dares

The Pickle app is essentially a job-hunting tool for people willing to do almost anything, with users able to set up dares such as “run down the street naked” or “shave off all your hair,” then pay people to perform them.

The app uses a geo-location system in order to help users set up a dare and wait for people in their area to respond, with these users able to negotiate on prices before agreeing to do them. Alongside dares, users can pay others to do more traditional jobs for them, such as cleaning their car or delivering a Big Mac to their front door. Users can filter out jobs they’re not able to do, such as hairdressing or building work, and then browse their local area for dares/jobs that they match their criteria.

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Users link their accounts to PayPal in order to ensure their transactions are made safely, while Pickle takes a 10% cut of any money that exchanges hands via the app.

Pickle also bills itself as a way for users to make new friends; they can find someone else to play tennis with them, for instance, or join them in another of their hobbies. Or it can simply be a way for you to make complete strangers do very weird things (though maybe not as weird as getting a drone to film you doing death-defying stunts), all for the sake of cold, hard cash.

The app sends you notifications when a new job/dare that fits your criteria pops up in your area, so if you’re flexible and are willing to do some potentially weird shit for some extra dollars, then have at it. Pickle can be downloaded for iOS, with an Android version coming soon.

Image Credit: Pickle