This is the Creator of Comic Sans, the World’s Most Controversial Font

Comic Sans is commonly regarded as the worst font to have ever graced the world, but before it garnered this reputation it was simply a “fun” design intended to stand out from the crowd in Microsoft’s Windows 95.

Although there’s no easier way to become the subject of ridicule than unironically using Comic Sans in any capacity, its creator states that it’s the best thing he’s ever done. In a new video from Great Big Story, Vincent Connare reveals the origins of the font that everyone loves to hate, shedding some light on what was running through his mind when he decided to introduce it to the world.

Connare, a typographic engineer who worked for Microsoft in the ’90s, wanted to create a more “casual” font to sit alongside the likes of the conventional Ariel and Times New Roman. After seeking inspiration from comic books such as The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, Connare came up with the far less professional Comic Sans.

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Connare, who was also behind the creation of Trebuchet MS and helped develop Webdings, believed that art should be noticeable, hence the “irregularities” of Comic Sans. The history of Comic Sans is detailed in the below video, providing an interesting insight into exactly why Connare and Microsoft decided to inflict it upon us: