You’re Going To Want To Climb Aboard This ‘Sex Cruise” And Enjoy A Vacation Filled With Orgies

Photo: Antenna (Getty)

Shoutout to my college degree — without it I wouldn’t have been able to write up such world-changing headlines.

As fun as pizza camp sounds (and it does sound fun) this cruise sounds just a little bit more fun. Original Group, a Mexican cruise company, are the geniuses behind this cruise, Desire Cruise. Oh, and it’s their second expedition since their first one was also ‘clothing optional.’ And this second expedition is also clothing optional, and you can pretty much hook up with strangers on board who are also looking to shag. That’s right, shag.

Photo: Peter Mason (Getty)

Photo: Peter Mason (Getty)

The cruise will be ready to set sail in April of 2018 (bummer, I know) and will go from Barcelona to Rome, with other stops including Monte Carlo, Florence, Sete, Marseilles, and Portofino. And that’s all fine and dandy, but it’s the activities that matter. And here’s what you’re going to be able to do: “spicy daytime events,” “provocative theme nights,” and get this: “workshops that let passengers get in touch with their romantic, sensual side.”

So sex. And lots of it. With protection of course. We hope.

“Our new Barcelona to Rome cruise creates an exciting opportunity to live the Desire experience aboard a sensual sanctuary at sea,”Rodrigo de la Pena, CEO of Original Group states. “Couples can rejoice in exotic destinations on a journey of fantasy and reverie while being pampered with our top-quality service.”

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And what’s better than sex sometimes? Food. And all those horny guests will be able to have dining experiences ranging from “casually playful, to erotically elegant.”

Food and sex is what a vacation should be about. Oh, and awesome t-shirts that inform others of where you’ve been. So buy your orgy cruise tickets here.

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