Guy Gets Drone to Film Him Defying Death in GTA Parody

A stunt man has successfully managed to create one of the most off-the-wall drone videos we’ve ever seen, with an unmanned aerial vehicle following him around in order to film him performing a series of death-defying leaps and other daredevil maneuvers from a bird’s eye perspective, all in the style of the video game Grand Theft Auto.

Ilko Iliev teamed up with production studios Diffraction, Astro Kit and LEAP in order to produce the nail-biting video, which sees the drone allowing him to recreate the top-down perspective of old GTA games while he jumps between houses, abseils down tall buildings and leaps from off of bridges.  The incredible video, which took a team of around 30 people to produce, even sees Ilko gliding down Bulgaria’s huge Buzludzha monument at the 1:29 mark, with the stunt man taking his life into his hands while the drone watches on from above.

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Ilko clearly had the GTA series in mind when creating the video, with him even mimicking the visual overlay of the very first GTA game during a certain point in the video. It concludes with a rundown of how many of the stunts were pulled off, and each clip is a fresh new bag of “nope.”

You can take a look at the video, which Ilko calls his “2D run” due to its two-dimensional appearance, below: