Sony Deletes Customer Complaints After PS4 Pro Suffers Problems with its 4K TVs

Sony has seemingly wiped its forums of customer complaints regarding one of its 4K TVs, with many users complaining that it fails to adequately support the PS4 Pro.

The forums for Sony’s Bravia x930D 4K TV have been purged of negative comments after users began pointing out how the TV suffered very high levels of input latency when hooked up to a PS4 Pro, thus putting players at a disadvantage in online multiplayer games, ensuring that the TV wasn’t the best choice for those looking to make best use of their new console. However, the forum posts warning customers of this issue have been removed, with over 90 pages of discussion pertaining to this problem being taken down by Sony’s moderating team.

According to buyers the x930D suffers from pretty severe input lag, which means that movement you make in-game takes longer to be displayed on the TV. This is a major disadvantage when it comes to playing online games, where reaction times are the key to success. As such, owners of the TV — which costs from $1,500 – $2,000 depending upon whether you purchase the 55-inch or the 65-inch model — took to Sony’s forums to warn others against buying the TV if they wanted to use it with their PS4 Pro.

The two threads that were created to discuss this issue were taken down by Sony, with moderators deleting the comments and as such wiping the evidence of the complaints. The now deleted threads can be viewed here and here. With moderators initially appearing to lock any new thread pertaining to this fault, a new thread detailing the X930D’s issues has managed to stay on the forums at the time of this writing, though it’s been speculated that this is as a result of the news of the deleted threads making its way to Reddit.

Sony  released an update for its TVs back in early November that improved input lag issues with the PS4 Pro, though it seems that this problem has yet to be fully ironed out with the X930D. Hopefully Sony is working on a fix that will be on its way to its customers sooner rather than alter.