Artist Baron Von Fancy Makes Business Cards Cool Again

“Brutally honest” is not the way you’d describe your average business card. But if you were New York artist Baron Von Fancy (a.k.a. Gordon Stevenson), those are exactly the words you’d use. In a new collaboration with MOO, the edgy multimedia artist has transformed the formerly boring network tool into a bold, portable piece of art you’ll want to pass out to prospective colleagues and clients. Some of the designs are so infused with sass and innuendo (“I just put you at the top of my to do list”), you could use them in a social setting, too.

We asked Von Fancy to take a few minutes from his crazy busy creative life to answer our questions about this unusual project.

Baron Von FancyCrave: Are business cards a dying art? Were they ever an art?

Baron Von Fancy: Business cards are a necessity like your wallet or cell phone but as we’ve shifted into a more digital age, I think people have gotten lazy in terms of the presentation of their card. MOO has done such a good job making this old-school mainstay cool, I just hope to help add a little extra flavor.

How did you decide what phrases to put on the cards? Why were humor and sass important elements to the messages?

People have been neglecting the importance of business cards so I felt adding a little something extra would inspire them to want to share their card. A card that is original, colorful and fun makes it more likely you will be remembered and thought of in the future.

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Were there any phrases that were rejected?

MOO gave me full creative freedom, but we worked together to curate expressions that would be amazing for business networking.

What was your worst/most awkward/most uncomfortable networking experience?

There’s a video on YouTube of The Fat Jewish and I in a bathtub filled with ramen so I can’t say I’ve ever been in a networking situation that’s been that awkward.

Do you use business cards? If so, what does yours say? If not, what would it say if you could only pick one phrase?

My art is in New York City, and is seen, so a lot of it is like my business card. But if I have to narrow it down to one phrase, that would be “Never not working.”