Stupid Sexy Steve Jobs Made a Surprise Appearance at the Apple Store For Halloween

As far as Halloween costumes go, Steve Jobs isn’t exactly the scariest you could come up with. Even though he’s no longer with us and you could therefore pull off a “The Ghost of Steve Jobs” costume, an apparition of the late Apple co-founder still wouldn’t be that terrifying. About the most scary thing you could do while wearing such a costume is outline the price of a new iPhone, but even then it would pale in comparisons to the horrors conjured up by current Apple CEO Tim Cook — Jobs simply can’t compete with the existential terror of Apple removing its headphone jacks.

But one guy had the bright idea of spending Halloween mimicking Jobs and popping in to his local Apple Store, strapping himself up with a pair of wireless AirPods while tinkering with the company’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7. While the guy’s outfit is definitely on point, there’s something a little more statuesque about him than the late tech industry icon. Notice his finely shaven beard; a far cry from Jobs’ disheveled, gray scruff. Then there’s the way his black turtleneck sticks to his body, tucking in to his bootcut dad jeans in such a way that accentuates the stiffness of his torso, but not so much that it looks like he’s particularly trying to show off his chiseled bod. It’s more of a “yeah, I go to the gym, so what of it?” kinda look.

Stupid Sexy Steve Jobs was devised by Redditor Seany_B, who said that the photograph was taken in the Apple Store in Toronto’s  Eaton Centre. According to Sean, nearly every employee who spotted his costume “came by to say ‘hi'”, though from the looks of the below image he didn’t have as much impact as you’d expect a guy dressed like Steve Jobs venturing into an Apple Store would have. Perhaps Canadians are just so polite that they considered this might be this guy’s standard attire, so decided to not point out the Steve Jobs comparison out of fear of offending him?


On a related note, here are some Stupid Sexy Steve Jobs pick-up lines I’ve devised:

  1. “I’d really love to jack your headphones.”
  2. “Just looking at your Macs is giving me an iRection.”
  3. “Baby I hope you’ve got water damage covered in your insurance, because I’m going to gush in every port you have.”

Use them at your own discretion.