People Are Actually Drilling Holes Into Their iPhone 7 to “Make a Headphone Jack”

Last week YouTuber TechRax uploaded a video in which he outlined a “secret hack” to get a headphone jack in the iPhone 7. In the video, he uses a drill to forcibly create a hole in his smartphone which, as you’d imagine, doesn’t actually work as a headphone jack. Unfortunately, that joke has flown over the heads of many, and TechRax has therefore been unwittingly responsible for a number of people actually drilling holes into their iPhone 7 handsets. Stop the planet, I want to get off.

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The YouTube video has amassed over 7.5 million views since being posted online last week, with it attracting 81,000 dislikes in the process. The comments section is currently torn between people who are in on the joke, people who criticize TechRax for damaging his iPhone 7 (a recurring complaint is that children are starving in Africa while TechRax ruins an expensive piece of technology, but these children couldn’t eat an iPhone so I’m not entirely sure what the comparison is there), and most unfortunately, people who have tried the “hack” out for themselves.

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Although this is YouTube so you can never be quite sure of whether or not these folks are trolling, parsing the comments section reveals some pretty convincing complaints lobbed in TechRax’s direction. It’s also firmly believable that there are people dumb enough to attempt drilling a hole into their iPhone 7, which is unfortunate but that’s the way the world is in 2016.



Check out TechRax’s video below:


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