‘Tasteless’ Caitlyn Jenner Billboard Taken Down In New Zealand

People still have strong opinions on Caitlyn Jenner and her life choices, but a company in New Zealand decided to push the envelope and put up a billboard featuring her. Unsurprisingly, that billboard got so much criticism it was immediately sent to be taken down.

The company, Cranium Signage, thought it would be a great idea to put up a billboard showing Caitlyn Jenner in a Santa hat with the caption, “I hope your sack is fuller than mine this Christmas.” Check it out below:

Tasteless Caitlin Jenner Billboard Taken Down In New Zealand
The company obviously got bashed by a lot of folks, including an LGBT support group who called it “tasteless, crass, insulting and vile,” in an email they sent the company’s director, Philip Garratt.

“I love funny billboards and even love those that push the boundaries however this billboard only suggests that you are a homophobic, redneck, conservative company full of small minded morons who get a kick out of making fun of a group of people who feature highly in our suicide statistics and who struggle every day for acceptance within our society,” the email stated.

Garratt quickly acted to have the billboard removed, and offered this shitty apology:

“We live in a world with difference and I no way discriminate against anyone. I have gay and transgender friends. I think you may need to take a look at yourself and relax a bit and not take life so seriously. I was referring to a Santa sack your sick mind is the problem.”

The old “I have *add group you offended* friends” line. I highly doubt Garratt was referring to a Santa sack, but hey, whatever makes you look good.

This is what the billboard currently looks like now until it is “taken down tonight.”

Tasteless Caitlin Jenner Billboard Taken Down In New Zealand
Garratt did go on to invite Caitlyn to stay at his home:

“Cait is more then welcome to stay at my house with my family anytime. I will have a wine or a beer with her quite happily and it would be an honour. Lots of love Phil wishing you all a Merry Christmas.”

Something tells me that invite will be rejected.

Via News. Au

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