Apple Watch Series 2 Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 at its Apple Event today, debuting the successor to its original smartwatch.

The brand new device, which will be available for pre-order later this month, looks near identical to its predecessor in terms of its design. However, there have been some notable changes beneath its hood, which Apple detailed during its presentation.

Check out everything you need to know about the Apple Series 2 below:

  • It will be water-resistant for up to 50 meters. 
  • The speaker system has been redesigned to accommodate this change. Now the speakers will eject the water using air pressure after a workout.
  • It has accurate calorie burn information, to give users “the most accurate calorie burn information while you’re swimming.”
  • If you’re a swimmer the Watch Series 2 will calculate your stroke efficiency over time. “We think swimmers are going to absolutely love this.”
  • A new dual core processor makes it 50 per cent faster, while a new GPU reportedly delivers twice the graphical performance.
  • The Apple Watch Series 2 boasts a frame rate of up to 60 fps.
  • The new display is twice as bright as the original Apple Watch.
  • The Apple Watch Series 2 now has built-in GPS. Apple is clearly marketing the device to those who like to keep fit.
  • Developers can utilize the built-in GPS for their apps. The developer of a hiking app outlined how they used the GPS functionality for their software.
  • Apple debuted three new styles  –  aluminum, steel, and the newly unveiled ceramic – with Hermes having developed more designs and bands.
  • Apple have partnered with Nike for the device, debuting the Apple Watch Nike+.
  • Comes in four different shades of black and gray.
  • The Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Nike+ will be priced at $369.
  • Apple Watch, now dubbed the Apple Watch Series 1, will be reduced to $269. 
  • Apple Watch Series 1 will now come with the dual core processor, making it just as fast as the Series 2.
  • The Apple Watch Series 2 will be available for pre-order on September 9th, while the Apple Watch Nike+ will be available for pre-order on September 16th.