The Primaries | Pink Is Powerful

Grab a cup of coffee or a beer at your local tavern while wearing a pink hat featuring a Pomeranian, and we would place our money that someone, somewhere, is going to say something. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Stand out from the crowd in a very specific way with the Pomeranian Dad Cap by Dog Limited. If that particular type of breed just isn’t quite your scene, don’t fret. They have other iterations featuring a German Shepherd, Shiba Inu, Labradors and others.

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When picking up new pieces to wear with this unexpected finishing touch on top, we recommend sticking with one color: pastel pink. Pair the hat with canvas work shorts, like some by Obey, a pink & white striped tank, like one we found at Duvin Design and, of course, some shades with pink-hued lenses, from Illesteva. Finally, to take the whole concept home, literally, pick up some peculiar (and totally amazing) animal hangers from Stupell Industries. Mouths will drop.