London’s Rembrandt Hotel and Victoria And Albert Museum Get An Upgrade

The Rembrandt Hotel sits impressively in the heart of the Knightsbridge District in London, mere footsteps from the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). The 4 star hotel has welcomed a slew of VIPs, quickly ushered into the slick posh suites, spa or fully stocked bar and restaurant. But it’s only recently that the hotel has taken on mixing both modern and classic design elements to bring it and its staff confidently into the 21st Century.

Coincidentally, its neighbor, the V&A, is also experiencing its own fair share of touch-ups. Most recently the V&A awarded a £1 million contract to Friend and Company to redesign the V&A shop in an effort to bring it “closer in dialogue” with the museum itself. The new move is a fresh new take on how historic landmarks like the V&A imagine retail.

The Victoria And Albert Museum is moving forward with an ambitious remodeling project. Photo courtesy of V&A.

The V&A’s Futureplan is a long range vision and blueprint for the museum over the stretch of years to come. The program has already seen parts of the famous museum redesigned and upgraded. Now the recent news of the new contract for Friend and Company confirms that the V&A is confidently stepping into the future.

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With Design Week looming large in September, both the V&A and The Rembrandt have pushed design elements forward in eager anticipation. The Rembrandt for its part has its doors sweep open upon a vast lobby well appointed with large oversize lamps, marble floors and a well dressed staff. Steps lead through glass doors to an impressive bar surrounded by flat screens, fireplace, plush fauteuils and more of the same oversized lighting. 

The Rembrandt and its accompanying spa, Aquila, sit across from the V&A Museum. Photo courtesy of The Rembrandt.

The Rembrandt’s restaurant boasts a fine dining hall. Menu items range from comfort food like fully stacked burgers to grilled salmon. Suites utilize soft rose and wood palettes together for a lush take on “home.”

The V&A for its part has re-imagined its retail component. And what that may mean going forward is a combination of surprises for visitors, including more interactive tech and a clever nod to the evolution of the museum and its vast collection.

The Rembrandt is 4-star luxury with well appointed suites and halls, nicely dressed bellhops and a stellar restaurant, bar and spa. And just across the street, Victoria and Albert up the level of class with its impeccable collection of sculptures and a multitude of antiquities. London’s two world-renown classics continue to charm tourists and locals alike as the season wanes on.



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