Spotlight | The Hundreds Fall/Winter 2016

The Hundreds has always been inspired by workwear, creating their own that has a particular style and attention to detail that has long made streetwear aficionados swoon. For Fall/Winter 2016, little has changed in The Hundreds’ ability to take staple wardrobe pieces, like heavy button ups, coaches jackets and t-shirts, and make them fashionable, while keeping them functional. 

The Hundreds keep things consistent by adhering to a color board that includes the stock hues of grey, white and chambray blue, but then adds stand out items in rich cranberry or a deep khaki. Some of our favorites include Chapter Button-Up Woven, a baseball jersey made of cotton wale corduroy, and the Oxnard Button-Up – which you should get in white if you want to really make a statement. 

The lookbook was shot in Manila, Philippines, by 18-year-old photographer Aly Mananquil, (@alleyttle), and features models all selected from the #thehundredsXlookbook contest. Nika Higashionna and Julio del Prado make the clothes look good,and the city looks like an adventure we want to take on as soon as possible. 

All images courtesy of The Hundreds.