The “Tesla of Audio” Debuts NASA Solar Powered Speakers

Lemon, the self-described “Tesla of audio,” have successfully burst through their crowdfunding goal for their California Roll speaker, which according to the company is the world’s first waterproof, solar powered speaker to combine “premium sound quality and voice activated technology.”

The new speaker is charged using nine custom made, NASA grade solar cells, converting sunlight into direct current electricity. It can also serve as an extra power supply for your other devices, with it providing 20 hours of playback from 7 hours of sunlight.

The California Roll packs a punch in the audio department too, with a maximum distortion-free sound level of 90 dB, powered by two 10 watt internal speakers with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 22 kHz. It also replicates an authentic 3D listening experience by way of three individual surround sound drivers, with users therefore able to hear their playlists with great clarity no matter the positioning of the speaker.


The speaker is also completely waterproof, with it able to be completely submerged in water without suffering any damages, along with a removable steel D-Ring and waterproof rubber membrane to absorb shock and sound vibrations. On top of that there’s also a voice recognition system that, when connected to your smartphone, allows you to successfully change your music on the fly using your voice alone. The speaker has an AUX port to connect to devices using a wire, though there’s also Bluetooth and NFC support. It can connect to three Bluetooth devices at once, to hand over control to more than one user at any given time.

You can currently pre-purchase the Lemon California Roll via Kickstarter, with you able to order one of the speakers from $189 (its retail price will be $249). You can check out its Kickstarter page right here.