Celebrate National Caregivers Day With Justin Baldoni and Other Celebrities Who Are ‘Man Enough to Care’

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Actor and director Justin Baldoni (Jane the Virgin, Clouds) is going deep with other influential celebrity men on the latest limited series of Man Enough with emphasis on caregivers, specifically the invisible men who give and receive daily. Man Enough to Care is built to not only uncover the undervalued role of these people but also to highlight our broken system in need of repair.

Deep conversations highlight the cost of caring and the need for embracing vulnerability, while also depicting a difficult and often overlooked area of American life. With our substandard healthcare system, Americans are forced to take on the care of a loved one at their own physical, emotional and financial expense or watch people they love get suffocated with massive debt. Conversations of loneliness, vulnerability and love come full circle as the groups dig well below the surface of the male caregiver, men who both give and receive care.

The series kicked off on Valentine’s Day last Sunday and concludes Friday with an Instagram Live group chat between Justin, Ai-jen of Caring Across Generations and a few of the show’s guests, including NFL star Devon Still, comedian and author Zach Anner and iCarly stud, Nathan Kress.

Visit Justin Baldoni’s Instagram for the live discussion, Friday Feb. 19 at noon PST/3pm EST.

Who is a caregiver in your life? Respond with your story and tag #CareWithME on Instagram!

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