Natalie Portman Shot Her Shot

Natalie Portman


At the Golden Globes last night, Oprah became the first black woman to win the Cecil B. DeMille Award (whatever that is) then walked on stage and gave a rousing, inspirational speech. It was great. Then immediately after, Natalie Portman and Ron Howard presented the Best Director Award and Natalie Portman turned into a human YouTube comment.



It was met with the usual YASSS QUEEN:


Natalie Portman then continued to roll her eyes while Guillermo del Toro, a Mexican man, gave his acceptance speech. But, hey, remember that time Natalie Portman signed the “FREE POLANSKI” petition? Or when she compared eating meat to rape? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Apparently she likes one male director. And I guess she wore all black because she saw somebody eating some chicken. Keep in mind, Portman said this at an event where Oprah was first black woman to win a specific award, where Sterling K. Brown became the first black man to win Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama, and where the majority of nominees where white. Look, I’m sorry Hollywood doesn’t have the ability to multi-task, but shut up the hell up and wait your fucking turn.