Taylor Swift Screwed Herself Out of More Grammys Because She’s Petty

Taylor Swift


Earlier this month, Taylor Swift was nominated for six MTV EMAs and didn’t win shit. Her fans whined and asked why. I guess now we do. The Grammys are coming up, so we probably won’t see Swift feigning surprise when she wins, because she’ll be seething with hate in her seat while somebody else gives their acceptance speech.  Page Six reports:

“A lot of people on the voting committee are not liking ‘Reputation’ at all. Taylor wants to win as many awards as possible but has rubbed so many people up the wrong way in the last couple of years. A lot of the jury members have worked with Katy, Calvin and Kanye so when Taylor has tried to humiliate them, it has left a bad taste. Ultimately she may pay for that when it comes to winning awards.”

Hey, remember when Swift dropped all her music on Spotify the day Katy Perry released her new album, Witness? Pepperidge Farm remembers (look it up, kids).

“Taylor has to understand that the industry is small, and moves like ­sabotaging Katy’s album hurt people behind the scenes who work hard to make an album happen. How Taylor thinks the industry is going to give its full support to her after she’s tried to damage so many people is mad.”

It’s not that people wanna hate Taylor Swift, she just makes it really easy. Much like Lena Dunham. Aliens could arrive on Earth tomorrow and Taylor Swift would honestly think they came to see her, because that’s what her inflated sense of self-importance demands.  Then she might start dating one of the aliens then it would break up with her, then it she would write a passive aggressive album about it, then it would come back to Earth to colonize us and use our bodies as fuel. Is that what you want, white women? Stop defending her, please.