Ellen Is Sexist Against Katy Perry

Katy Perry


Katy Perry‘s 33rd birthday was yesterday, so she has about 5-7 years before it all crumbles to dust, and Ellen DeGeneres posted this on Twitter. And since there’s a much needed spotlight on sexual harassment/assault and sexism lately, this happened:



First, what people need to understand is that gay people can get away with this kind of thing. You don’t want to be called homophobic. Second, Ellen and Katy Perry are friends. This is what they do. If Ellen was named “Jeff” and Katy didn’t know Jeff or have a history with Jeff, then we could claim this was sexist. Like, if Katy wasn’t comfortable with it, then that’s the literal definition of sexual harassment. She’s comfortable with it, so let’s all move on. Nice try, Michael and Piers. Try to look up “context” in the dictionary at some point today.