Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

Kylie Jenner


So yeah, Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant at 20. Looks like it’s all up to Kendall now.

Kylie Jenner is pregnant and Travis Scott is about to become a dad. We’re told 20-year-old Kylie began telling friends earlier this month at the Day N Night Fest in Anaheim, CA. Sources also say 25-year-old Travis Scott, Kylie’s boyfriend, has also been telling his friends. We’re even told — although we cannot verify — that he’s told friends they’re having a girl. One source says Travis was at a recent event telling people about the pregnancy and how his life was going to change.

It’s unclear why anyone would want to get Kylie Jenner pregnant instead of just practicing on her a few times a day, but I guess Travis Scott (or Tyga) not pulling out is a thing that happened. This announcement was made days before the KUWTK 10th Anniversary Special, and I think we’re familiar with this family enough to know this wasn’t an accident. Some people think Kylie Jenner is Kim’s surrogate. Maybe that makes sense because their plastic surgeons made them look a like and Kim thinks that’s how DNA works. In conclusion, Kylie Jenner may or may not be pregnant with a baby who will eventually be raised by someone else.