Katy Perry Did The 2017 MTV VMAs

Katy Perry


I know putting a Katy Perry post above a Taylor Swift might offend some people, but this Katy Perry post came with pictures from the actual event that Taylor Swift was too busy to attend. Probably underlining names in red and other things that people do who are on the brink of insanity. Anyway, Katy Perry has very nice breasts and nominal talent, so that means she’s the perfect pop star. She performed “Swish Swish” and if you ever thought how this song could get any worse, an acceptable answer would be for “Swish Swish” to be performed live. Nicki Minaj forgot the lyrics of her own verse, but she still managed to be the best part of this performance. Obviously, this is just my opinion. If male backup dancers in high heels humping giant, inflatable basketballs is more your thing, you might be more apt to feel that is the best part of the performance.