Anne Hathaway Might Be ‘Barbie’ Now

Anne Hathaway


Remember when 2017 tried to go full 2017 and we almost had Amy Schumer as a live-action Barbie? She dropped out for some reason. That reason was probably Barbie doesn’t eat a pack of bagels everyday. Apparently Anne Hathaway is now in talks to play Barbie, because a 34-year-old brunette is the obvious choice to play Barbie after an overweight blonde. I would have went with a transgendered chick myself since that would be good publicity and Trump would tweet about it and the movie would get great reviews even if it sucked. I should really be a studio executive.


Also, here’s Amy Schumer being passive aggressive about the whole thing.


Hathaway smathaway jkjk she’s perfect!! Can’t wait to see it!

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