Ariana Grande Is Now An Honorary Citizen Of Manchester

Ariana Grande


After Ariana Grande‘s first Manchester concert got blowed up because we’re still measuring which deity’s dick is bigger or whatever, she came back 13 days later and put on a benefit concert and raised a bunch of money.

Councillors voted unanimously at a sometimes emotional meeting to award the distinction after the pop singer’s involvement in the One Love benefit concert in aid of the victims of the bomb…The 23-year-old is recognised for her efforts in organising the charity concert at the Old Trafford cricket ground, which featured Coldplay, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Grande helped to raise almost £3m when she returned to Manchester to perform at the concert 13 days after the suicide bombing, which struck at the end of her Dangerous Woman concert. The singer also visited a number of injured children in hospital following the attack. Her mother, Joan, who ushered concertgoers to safety backstage after the explosion in the arena foyer, was seen walking through the One Love Manchester crowd telling young fans not to give in to fear at the benefit concert on 4 June.

Ariana Grande posted her thank you on Instagram, but I assume she won’t be back to Manchester unless somebody there discovers a new type of ponytail. Because, well, Muslims really like blowing stuff up and running people over in Europe. America has the Muslims who left Iran and other places when the new government told them they couldn’t wear skirts or go to college and now they have kids. Those are cool. Europe has the Muslims whose moms had to wear jean skirts and Keds or whatever the Muslim equivalent to the Duggars are. No cool, in my opinion!