Scarlett Johansson Is Back With Colin Jost Again


Scarlett Johannson maybe banged SNL’s Colin Jost back in May, then definitely banged her lawyer in June, now she is probably banging Colin Jost in July. I don’t think we need to be reminded of this fact, but Scarlett Johansson doesn’t have to hunt for dick. It’s been readily available since like 2001.

Page Six has learned that Johansson and the “Weekend Update” co-host, who turned 35 on Thursday, were spotted at the Palm at the Huntting Inn in East Hampton, NY, the next evening, “looking cozy on a love seat,” says a spy….“They seemed very into each other,” says our witness at the Palm.

If Colin Jost did bang Scarlett in May, I could understand why he needed a whole month to recover. Like, have you seen that mirror scene in Under The Skin? I need electrolytes just thinking about it.