Lindsey Morgan Is Probably ‘Batgirl’

Lindsey Morgan


Apparently Lindsey Morgan plays somebody named “Raven Reyes” on The 100? I don’t know, don’t watch it. Anyway, Comic Book Movies speculates she’ll be playing the title role in Joss Whedon’s Batgirl movie. Batgirl is also Commissioner Gordon’s daughter. Man, the resemblance to JK Simmons is almost uncanny. Oh, they based their speculation off a tweet and tweets she likes.



This might seem like it has no bearing on the Batgirl project, until you look at Morgan’s Twitter page. She recently retweeted Variety’s article breaking the news that Whedon would be directing and writing the project, as well as a tweet advocating for her to play the role. A quick look through her Twitter likes reveals that she has favorited several tweets on the subject as well, even some that don’t directly reference her being cast for the role. While this could look like Morgan is just excited that the film is happening, there are certainly too many coincidences at play for the nerd world to not keep an eye on.

This detective work is almost as good as Batman’s. But why should she get the role you might ask? She has a “following” and she isn’t white.

Given the passionate following that Morgan has accumulated by appearing on The 100, it would be a logical step for Warner Bros. to attach her to a project of this scale. The actress would be enough of a fresh face to help craft a new interpretation of Batgirl – a character that has appeared on the big and small screen for decades. Morgan is also biracial, allowing her to believably be a daughter of the DCEU’s Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons), while bringing some much-appreciated diversity to both Gotham City and the superhero genre as a whole.

Yes, nothing like window dressing diversity by casting a biracial girl in a movie by a white dude and probably an all white crew for a studio ran by white dudes.  Brownwashing can cover a multitude of sins on Twitter.