Nicki Minaj Got A Modeling Contract, Has A New Video

Nicki Minaj


Vogue just announced Nicki Minaj signed a big modeling contract. I assume she’ll only be photographed from the waist up.

As a singer, songwriter, actress, and hip-hop queen, Nicki Minaj has spent her career juggling a multitude of roles, and her latest move brings her into yet another creative sphere—modeling. Signing to Wilhelmina’s celebrity division, Minaj becomes the latest star to add professional posing to her repertoire.

How did Nicki Minaj score a modeling contract? The same way Kendall Jenner did.

With 77 million followers on Instagram, household name status, and a larger-than-life persona, Minaj has plenty to offer the fashion world.

So ladies, up your Instagram game and you too could become a model. Not sure how that would translate into a “rap” career and a video with Gucci Mane. Stay positive. The world is oyster if you have a lot of Instagram followers.