Here’s The Music Video For ‘Beauty And The Beast’ With John Legend And Ariana Grande

Beauty And The Beast


A theater in Alabama is refusing to play Beauty And The Beast because it has a gay character, not because Emma Watson is fucking a werwolf, and feminists hate Emma Watson now because she showed her boobs in Vanity Fair. Here’s Chrissy Teigen summing up my thoughts on all that.


Chrissy Teigen


You’re free to discuss all these on your Facebook wall by reciting an opinion you’ve absorbed as your own, but here’s the video for John Legend and Ariana Grande’s version of Beauty And The Beast. I like it. Ariana Grande is hot and can sing, and John Legend always dresses better than you and can sing and play piano. The CGI is kinda wack, but it is what it is. Relive your childhood below: