Amber Rose Perfectly Summed Up The Donald Trump Sex Stuff


If you don’t really want to hear what Amber Rose has to say, it’s easy to write her off as a “slut” or “stripper” to keep your fear of women who won’t allow themselves to be subjugated at bay, but when she has an opinion on an issue, it’s pretty much fucking spot on. She also killed Kanye with a single tweet and sent Khloe Kardashian into the ether. Respect. On Friday, during her Loveline with Amber Rose podcast, Rose gave her opinion on the latest Donald Trump mess.

“This is definitely not me sticking up for Donald Trump at all, [but] I do feel like, based on his age, where he came from, the fact that he grew up with a lot of money and a lot of entitlement, that’s probably all he knows. White, privileged, older, f–king rich as f–k,”..“‘I can touch anybody’s p—y I want, I’m Donald Trump. Who the hell is ever going to say no?’”

If you have any critical thinking skills at all, it just takes one time listening to Donald Trump responding to these allegations to understand that this is 100% how he feels. He’s more annoyed that his supporters might not think the women are hot. You know who does that? Narcissists who get caught on hot mics saying they grab pussy whenever they want, then saying the dozen who claimed he did just that are liars.

Then Amber Rose said this. This right here.

“I feel like if Donald Trump — if I was just a regular girl, before I became an activist — came and touched my vagina, I would be scared to tell someone. I would be terrified. I would be like, ‘Donald Trump literally just touched my vagina. Who the f–k do I call? Do I call 9-1-1? Do I call the cop that lives in my neighborhood? Who do I contact? Do I get online and put it on Twitter?”…How do I go about it [so] people literally wouldn’t say, ‘You’re f–king lying. Donald Trump is a millionaire. He doesn’t have to touch your vagina without consent. He could literally f–k whoever he wants’?”

If you don’t understand that last blockquote and how it pertains to victims of sexual assault by powerful men, then either you wish you could grab pussy without recourse or you just hate Hillary too much to understand. Or it it could just be a big media conspiracy to make Trump say these things. You never know!



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