Tom Hiddleston Needs You To Stop Asking Him About Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston
In the October 2016 issue of Interview Magazine, Benedict Cumberbatch (for some reason) interviewed Tom Hiddleston. Because you need interviews in your magazine if you’re called “Interview Magazine”. Besides being the most British interview ever, Cumberbatch ironically mentions Taylor Swift the way Taylor Swift will eventually mention Tom Hiddleston on her next album.

CUMBERBATCH: I agree. How could you deny that impetus, having witnessed it firsthand? I can’t even imagine what effect that must have on you. And there’s another weight of us being in the public eye, which is this presumption that, because your work and your promotion work is very public, your private life should be, too. And, without getting into a huge debate, I just want to say that I’m not going to ask questions about my friend’s personal life just because there are unsolicited photographs of him and a certain someone, in a relationship or together. I’m not going to get into that. So that door is closed, dear reader.

HIDDLESTON: [chuckles] Thank you.


Benedict Cumberbatch wanted to bring the drama, but was unable dude to the overly polite British bro code. I would type more, but I’m trying to figure out way gay fetish fantasy this photographer was trying to live out.