Taylor Swift Is Already Lining Up Zac Efron To Victimize Her Next, Guys

Taylor Swift has been single for a whole 9 days and is passing the time by inviting herself on her friend’s dates, but her heart yearns for third dude in this calendar year. So, who is the lucky man to be painted by her PR team and Gigi Hadid as an evil douche who refused to climb Taylor’s hair up the tower by Christmas? Zac Efron

She’s been talking about him nonstop since her breakup with Tom. She’s always said she feels a strong connection to Zac, but could never act on it because they’ve always been dating other people. Taylor and Zac have always been pretty flirty with each other.”

Efron split from Sami Miro back in April, and it’s unclear at this time if Selena Gomez forwarded Swift the Google alert or not. In any case, Swift is already texting him with viable marketing solutions for his brand. 

“She’s reached out to Zac and told him that they should hang out and maybe go to dinner together, and he’s into it. It just hasn’t happened yet because of their schedules.”

The last two men Swift has dated have been British, and obviously Zac Efron is American. With all this Facebook mandated patriotism lately, this is a brilliant move by her PR team. Her eventual song “Brexit” will just write itself and is sure to be a huge hit.