Donald Trump Called Jessica Biel Ugly

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is sorry for the pain he caused Jessica Biel from the media twisting his words by reporting them verbatim or however this will eventually play out or whatever. 

Speaking at a rally in Tampa on Wednesday, Trump offered his take on Hillary Clinton’s supporters: “The only people enthusiastic about her campaign are Hollywood celebrities, in many cases celebrities that aren’t very hot anymore.”

Right This is pretty much how shit like Leslie Jones starts, because psycho alt-right Trump supporters fucking lunatics and a scourge on pretty much everything. Good news is, they’ll all be banned eventually then bitch about their “free speech” that was violated because turns out they understand the First Amendment as well as they do medical records. They hate fascism so much that if your political opinion differs from theirs, they’ll send you death threats, plan to round you up in a truck, pull press credentials, cheer when state sponsored terrorism kills an unarmed man, and require idealogical tests for immigrants to be able to enter the country that couldn’t pass themselves if their Wal-Mart job depended on it.


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Here’s Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel with Hillary Clinton, who I assume Rudy Giuliani will say is in the middle of seizure, but the comments on this are about what you’d expect.

Anyway, Jessica Biel is ugly or whatever lol