Amber Heard Was 90 Minutes Late To Her Johnny Depp Deposition Yesterday

Amber Heard

Amber Heard is tired of all the lies and slander the media has used to paint her as a gold digging whore who made up domestic violence claims against Johnny Depp in order to reap an untold fortune, and her lawyers have told us repeatedly that she’s been ready to “set the record straight” by sitting down for a deposition. A deposition that rescheduled once for a costume fitting. A deposition she rescheduled another time for her friend’s engagement party. A deposition that she showed up 90 minutes to on Saturday while getting dressed on the way in. 

Actress Amber Heard showed up 90 minutes late — with greasy hair and her shirt sleeves unbuttoned — for a Saturday morning deposition with Johnny Depp’s lawyers….Depositions can be a ­grueling face-off lasting hours, but video showed Heard looking barely prepared as she buttoned her sleeves and tucked in her shirt while waiting for an elevator to the attorney’s office.

In her defense, Elon Musk has more money, so you can see how this whole deposition thing would be boring to her now. Stay strong, Amber. Put this behind you, so we can wait for pics on TMZ of a sentient Tesla attacking you. Cha-ching!